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U&G Fabrics February Newsletter

Its the season of love and U&G has all the fabrics you need that will spruce up your home from hot red vinyls to natural linen base prints.

V-Day 1. Mangrove Strawberry
2. Kudu
3. Caleta Col Red
4. Pebbles Col 02
5. Taj 01
6. Baby Croc 04
7. Mia 03
8. Funky croc 08
9. Funky croc 07
10. Gemini 2272
11. Capitone 02
12. Monelli 20
13. Mia 02
14. Capitone 14
15. Shores Strawberry
16. Bamboo scarlet
17. Cathay col 09
18. Cambalu 04
19. Mirror 07
20. Capitone 04
21. Baby croc 02
23. Balogna 13
24. Stardust col 02
25. Secret Trellis col red
26. Metalas red
27. Hollywood Glam 02
28. Rufina Flame

Tiny Tots
Tiny Tots - Embrace the beauty and colour of U&G's children's design fabrics and wall papers.

There are the perfect choice for bed sheets, scatters, quilts, comforters and duvet covers.

NB Available in 280cm wide.

Sales 0861 44 45 46

Available in March 2012.

U&G Fabrics is redefining itself through a major renovation of its head office premises in Durban. The development of the new office and logistics complex along side the existing premises has opened up the opportunity to create a world class, large scale lifestyle environment in which to showcase our wide range of products available. Customers are able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enter a world of inspiration and creativity.

It is the intention of U&G Fabrics to provide a destination which allows its customers to fully plan their creative projects through the selection of all relevant interior elements. This will be done through the selective partnering of suppliers with U&G Fabrics. Successful partners will be provided with exclusive space in which to display their product in a way that complements both their own brand and the U&G Fabrics brand. Thus giving suppliers the winning combination to showcase their products to a wider audience, generating opportunity for new business.

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U&G Shanghai ShowroomAs of 1st February 2012 you can visit U&G FABRICS in the heart Shanghai.
Our first showroom in the Northern Hemisphere has just opened! Visit us at:
Room 1515, North Building
no.1839, Qixin Road
Shanghai, China

Tel: 0086 135 2467 663
Email: neo@ugfabrics.com

Showroom manager Neo Zong will be able to attend your every need. Whilst there look out for our trendy outdoor collection, Phuket. And if you are unable to travel right now, dont despair. just ask your local sales consultant for more information on the beautiful outdoor Phuket collection.

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